How to Hack Dating Six Feet Apart
Aanshi Gupta

Aanshi Gupta

Mar 04COVID-19

How to Hack Dating Six Feet Apart

Let’s face it - dating has never been easy. The thought of putting yourself out there in hopes of finding the right match can be a little nerve wracking to say the least.

Now to top all that regular-dating-anxiety, the pandemic has thrown in Covid-19! Before the pandemic, I would vet my date on cringe haircuts that remain on his facebook timeline, his stand on pineapple pizza, or if he likes dogs. In today’s ‘unprecedented times’, it is a requirement to take this vetting process a notch higher. Does this person follow Covid-19 protocol? Is it okay for me to ask them to get tested before we hang out? Is casual sex completely off the table until I’m vaccinated? If your head is buzzing with similar thoughts, you’re not alone.


There remains uncertainty about when we can return to the life we knew before Covid-19. Which is why embracing the ‘new normal’ is an essential step in resuming control of your life. The pandemic has already robbed us of far too much, don’t let it get in the way of your love life. So let’s get to the part where we address concerns! Here are some ways you can hack dating six feet apart:

Here are some ways you can hack dating six feet apart :

Make your virtual dates count

Let’s get real, virtual dates are a great way to find out if your match actually has the potential to become ‘your person’. And more importantly, it is the safest way to begin a relationship without the risk of exposure. You can get creative with a virtual date - maybe explore cooking together while on call, or play a 2 player game. There is something intimate about a first date that takes place from a space as personal as your home - make it count!

Plan a low risk in person date

If you’re reading point number two, it probably means you like someone enough to think about navigating the logistics of seeing them in person. That in itself is a dating victory! It may seem tedious but there is merit in discussing the safest possible way to plan your date.

Here is a checklist of things you can consider before meeting in person:

  • You should check if your date is especially vulnerable to contracting the virus because of preexisting conditions or any risk factors. If that is the case, exercise caution and reconsider meeting in person.
  • Make sure you and your date are symptom free! To ensure maximum safety, get a Covid-19 test done before meeting. This leaves room for you to engage physically should you want to.
  • Ensure that you carry hand sanitizer and wear a mask.
  • Discuss boundaries! Create a safe space to openly discuss concerns, even if it feels awkward. For example, it is perfectly fine to ask your date to stay six feet apart from you during the date or to keep their mask on. If they are truly a good match - they will respect your concerns.
  • If your date seems unwilling to discuss a plan, make sure to advocate for measures that make you feel comfortable. Your concerns are valid, do not risk your health and safety due to pressure.

Choose a location that allows for social distancing

There is a special charm in getting lost in conversation over drinks in a crowded bar. However, it may not be the safest option given the world we live in. It is a good idea to avoid poorly ventilated or closed spaces. This is a good time to go for a walk in the park, or choose a different outdoors activity.

Plans may change - be prepared to adapt!

You may be super excited about finally seeing this person but ‘unprecedented times’ mean that things can change quickly. If there is a sudden rise in cases in your location, or if either of you suspect exposure to the disease - cancel your date. Heartbreaking as it may be, nothing should trump your safety and health.

Be confident!

This may seem like generic advice, but being comfortable in your own skin can be a little difficult when we have been isolating for so long. During the pandemic you may have put on a few pounds because you don’t have access to the gym. You may feel like you’ve forgotten what it’s like to hang out with someone in person. You may also begin to question if all this effort is worth it. All of these doubts are valid and can take a toll on your self confidence. It’s important to remind yourself that you are worthy of being appreciated! Trust in the bond you have developed with your date and try to enjoy seeing them in person. There’s a good chance your match is battling the same concerns!

I’ll end this blog on the same note I started it - dating has never been easy! However, you now have the tools to make this experience both safe and enjoyable. We’re all experiencing something life changing and none of us could have predicted a global pandemic. Reaching out for companionship is a healthy way to navigate this testing time. Here’s hoping you have great success in your dating adventures!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. 

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