Teleconsultation: A Boon for the Urban Indian Woman
Dr. Renuka Dangare

Dr. Renuka Dangare

Jan 13COVID-19

Teleconsultation: A Boon for the Urban Indian Woman

This blog has been compiled by Debyani Bose.

Thirty-year-old Seema (name changed) is a busy homemaker and a mother of two children. Living in a joint family, her day goes in managing household chores, taking care of her two children, leaving her with little me-time.

She often brushes aside the minor aches and pains that bother her as going to a clinic to see a doctor is often not workable for her given the household responsibilities. Also, it would mean taking someone else’s help to take her to the clinic.

Seema’s story perhaps resonates with millions of other urban Indian women who often tend to de-prioritize their health concerns pushing them under the carpet. For many like Seema, teleconsultation or meeting your doctor online has proved to be a blessing, especially in Covid times when visiting a doctor at a clinic puts you at a greater risk of contracting the virus leading to several other complications.

“I first opted for a teleconsultation for myself in Covid times when going to a clinic meant exposing myself to a greater risk of Covid-19. Though reluctant at first, I went for it to find out how it works and how effective it is. And to my great delight, it was as effective as an offline consultation,” exclaims Rina who is now a regular visitor at Proactive’s teleconsultation platform.

The importance of telehealth services in preventive healthcare has never been undermined.

Meet 25-year-old Sarita who availed of telehealth services recently only to realize she has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

“I was having irregular periods and gaining weight quite rapidly. Initially, I ignored it. However, at the suggestion of a friend I consulted a gynaecologist online from my mobile phone in my free time who said I may have PCOS. I had never heard of this term before. The doctor I met online took time to explain the disease and how I can manage it.

Months later, I visited her and got myself physically examined. Right now, I am undergoing treatment for PCOD and doing much better. Thanks to that casual teleconsultation, which helped me solve my problem.


Benefits of availing services over a teleconsultation

  • More face time with doctors
  • Clinic-like experience through video-consultations
  • Save on travel time with the doctor
  • Hassle-free
  • It’s private, secure, confidential, and compliant with telemedicine guidelines and standards issued by the Government
  • Being a holistic and inclusive platform, we cater to the needs of women from all walks of life and across all ages.
  • Meet a doctor from the comforts of your home
  • Use a computer or a mobile phone to avail of the services
  • Our platform is one such platform that caters to not only physical health but also the mental health needs of urban Indian women


Quick tips for making the best of video consultations

  • Have good internet connectivity during video consultations
  • Get a working laptop or a mobile phone
  • Choose a noise-free and well-lit area in your house to connect with the doctor
  • Log in 5 minutes before the appointment to start the consultation on time

So why wait? Book an appointment with our eminent and non-judgemental healthcare specialists and avail of quality healthcare service from the comforts of your home.

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We, at Proactive, aim at creating a world-class medical experience for Indian women and adopt gold standards in every healthcare initiative whether it’s a teleconsultation or a webinar. What sets us apart from the rest, is our liberal, convenient, and holistic approach to healthcare.

Proactive is a digital clinic for women, offering accessible, personalized, and confidential health-care solutions. We offer products and services for out-patient health concerns of Indian women, across their lifetime - from puberty to pregnancy to menopause.


Our specializations include-

  • Gynecology/ Women's Health
  • Dermatology/ Skin Care
  • Mental health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • Endocrinology / Hormone Health
  • STI Specialists
  • Psychiatry
  • Lactation consultation

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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.