Basic PCOS Panel

Applicable For: Sex assigned female at birth
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Our PCOS test will help you understand your periods better and manage symptoms such as excessive facial hair, hair loss, weight gain, and mood swings

Basic PCOS Panel

9 Tests/Profiles Included

  • • 

    Complete Blood Count (21 tests)

  • • 

    Thyroid Profile (T3 – T4 – TSH)

  • • 

    Free (Bioavailable) Testosterone

  • • 

    Lipid Profile (Heart health) (8 tests)

  • • 

    Diabetes screening (blood sugar, HbA1c)

  • • 


  • • 

    Fasting Insulin

  • • 

    Total Testosterone

  • • 

    Vitamin D




Fasting required

8-12 hours of fasting is required for accurate results

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