Self Care For New Moms
Dr. Renuka Dangare

Dr. Renuka Dangare

Feb 25Mental health

Self Care For New Moms

This blog is written by Savnee Shivalkar, a content writer for Proactive for Her.

February gives us a reason to celebrate the irreplaceable emotion, love! Love comes in all forms, but the purest form is the one between a mother and her child. Having held your baby for the first time must have filled your heart with immense happiness! However, every mom can admit that early motherhood can be a bit of a rollercoaster. The change it brings to your life can affect your well-being emotionally, mentally, and physically at various levels.

This february, we want to emphasize the importance of self love. Here is a list of things new mother’s can keep in mind so ensure that they never stop caring for themselves. Cherish your bond with your baby, while also cherishing the relationship you have with yourself!

1. Make time for yourself!

If your daily routine only comprises motherly responsibilities, then you may be neglecting yourself and your needs. It may seem impossible at first, but try to take out 1 hour for yourself, at any time of the day. If you’re able to, ask your family or friends to mind the baby during this time. Becoming a mom should not get in the way of finishing a book, watching a movie, or resuming activities that you love. Learn to prioritize yourself!

2. Sleep like a baby!

An average human requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night. With a newborn, meeting this sleep target can be close to impossible! You can try to find clever ways around this, for example, aim to go to bed early and spend more time resting. Make sure to avoid gadgets (because of blue light) and aim at spending at least 9-10 hours in the bed with your baby. That way you can hope for 7-8 hours of actual sleeping! Another great hack to make rest a part of your day is to nap while the baby naps.

3. Water is your best friend!

This miracle drink is what will fuel you throughout the day. A good quantity of water consumption will keep a check on your energy levels, skin, hair, weight management and regulate your body. An easy way to hydrate regularly is by keeping filled water bottles in the rooms you normally occupy - this easy access will save you trips to the kitchen!

4. Make your mental health a priority!

Everyone experiences bad mental health days, and new mothers are particularly vulnerable to these. Adapting to your baby, and accepting all the ways your life has changed, could lead to confusion and overwhelming thoughts. Cut yourself some slack! Remember that you are not alone in this journey. Reach out to loved ones for additional support or seek help from an expert.

5. Postpartum weight loss is achievable!

The baby lets you stay active throughout the day, but just being active isn’t enough. Starting your postpartum weight loss journey is crucial. Exercise leads to the release of endorphins, and this hormone is especially important to relieve stress and pain. Make sure to get moving! You can have a fitness journal in place to track your goals.

6. Embrace your ‘Mama- figure’

Love your body for all it has done for you and be proud of yourself for doing it all so well. Stop apologizing and start thanking! Don’t feel sorry for the change that your body is experiencing. Rather, thank your body for bearing with you and gifting you the most special thing it ever could. Accepting yourself and your body is difficult, but a positive dialogue around this relationship can make all the difference!

7. Setting boundaries is the way to go!

It’s always good to have well wishes and advice coming in. However, it is you who decides how to filter all that information. Set boundaries in place to ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by the flood of new advice and concern. Trust yourself, no one knows what is best for you and your baby, better than you do!

Mamma, indulge in a genuine self-care routine, starting today! A healthier body and mind will help you feel like the best version of yourself.

This information is provided for educational purposes and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your healthcare practitioners before undertaking any changes in your diet or adding supplements.

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