Vaginal Health: It’s Not Rocket Science!
Dr. Renuka Dangare

Dr. Renuka Dangare

Jan 08Sexual health

Vaginal Health: It’s Not Rocket Science!

What is normal Vaginal discharge?

The fluid secreted by glands inside the vagina and cervix washes away dead cells and bacteria.

Types of Common Vaginal infections-

Bacteria Infections: Bacteria are small organisms that can attack the body, causing illness. These infections usually trigger a protective immune response. You also have native bacteria in your body that help digest your food and protect your body from harmful bacteria. Vaginal bacterial infections cause greyish-white or yellow discharge. This discharge may have a fish-like odour that’s generally noticed after sex.

Yeast infections: Yeast infections lead to itching. Yeast infections may develop if there’s an overgrowth of Candida fungus in the vagina. This may result from high blood sugar, use of antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone therapy and pregnancy.

Trichomoniasis: Trichomoniasis is a condition that can produce vaginal itching and odour. Discharge from this infection is typically greenish-yellow in colour and may be frothy. Trichomoniasis is a type of tiny parasite that is usually transmitted during sexual intercourse. The incubation period between exposure and infection is not known but it usually ranges between four to 28 days. The risk factors include having multiple sexual partners, a history of sexually transmitted infections, a previous episode of trichomoniasis, and sex without a condom.

Did you know?

Did you know that not all people with vagina are women? Genitalia is not an indicator of gender. There are people who have a Vagina who aren’t women. They may identify as a Man or non-binary.

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Tips on maintaining Vaginal health

Say no to soap: As women we should remember that our vagina is super sensitive and doesn’t need to be washed with soap. Harsh chemicals can mess up its natural pH balance, which can lead to bacterial infections. Water is all we need!

Cotton panties are the perfect solution: Try and avoid tight, spandex undies and thongs. Cotton panties are breathable and doesn’t trap infection-causing bacteria.

Diet determines vaginal health: We can keep our vagina healthy by maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. Cranberry juice and yogurt help to keep yeast infections at bay as well as help treat them.

Practice safe sex for a healthy vagina: Protect yourself from STDs and remember to use a condom. Condoms can help maintain a natural PH balance of your vagina, preventing yeast infections and UTIs.

Getting rid of Vaginal Odour: Vaginal odour is a common problem that a lot of women face during their lifetime. It can be caused by Yeast infections, bacterial growth, and poor hygiene. The symptoms include redness and inching in the vaginal area. Turmeric milk helps to reduce vaginal odour. Citrus foods help improve the Ph balance. These fruits contain Vitamin C improves immune system and helps fight vaginal infection preventing vaginal odour.

When to see a doctor for Vaginal Discharge: Vaginal discharge is common. However, vaginal discharge with the following symptoms is not normal and should be evaluated by a health care provider:

  • Itching of the vulva, vaginal opening, or labia
  • Redness, burning, soreness, or swelling of the vulvar skin
  • Foamy or greenish-yellow discharge
  • Bad odour
  • Blood-tinged vaginal discharge
  • Pain with intercourse or urination
  • Abdominal or pelvic pain

Vaginal discharge can change a little in consistency and colour during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. Healthy discharge is usually clear to white or pale yellow, and it can have a mild odour.

The vagina is a female reproductive organ that undergoes changes over the lifecycle of a woman. It performs different functions in response to the hormonal changes that occur during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

Disclaimer : This information is educational and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any dietary changes or adding supplements.

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