How common is vaginsimus in India?
Sneha Annmary Chandy

Sneha Annmary Chandy

Mar 11Vaginismus

How common is vaginsimus in India?

What is Vaginismus

Vaginismus is a condition where the muscles around the vagina tighten involuntarily, making it painful, difficult, or even impossible for a person to have vaginal penetration, such as during sex, inserting a tampon or menstrual cup or even the finger. It's often linked to anxiety or fear about penetration, and even traumatic experiences that have happened in the woman's life. Vaginismus can affect the person's self-worth, relationships, and sexual health. 

How common is vaginismus in India

The prevalence of vaginismus in India, like in many countries, is not extensively studied, and data does vary. However, it's recognized as a significant issue affecting women's sexual health globally. Cultural factors, societal taboos around discussing sexual matters openly, and limited access to judgment-free healthcare can contribute to underreporting of conditions like vaginismus in India. Nonetheless, it's certainly acknowledged as a concern that can impact women's well-being and relationships, and efforts to raise awareness and improve access to healthcare are ongoing.

Statistics (India as the main focus)

While accurate statistics on the prevalence of vaginismus in India are limited, certain studies suggest that it affects up to 5 to 17% of Indian women, with a higher occurrence among those who have limited access to sexual health education and judgment-free resources. The stigma surrounding female sexuality in India can also make it difficult for women to seek help for this condition.

How to diagnose vaginismus

Diagnosing vaginismus usually involves a discussion with a medical professional, most ideal would be a gynecologist or sexual health specialist. They'll ask about your symptoms( what is it that you feel or experience during sex), medical history, and any concerns you have about sex or vaginal penetration. They may also perform a physical examination to check for any physiological causes of pain or discomfort. Sometimes, additional tests or evaluations may be needed to rule out other conditions. Overall, the diagnosis is based on the presenting symptoms and how they affect your ability to have vaginal penetration comfortably.

Ideal treatment options for Vaginismus

Treatment for vaginismus typically involves a combination of psycho-therapy and physical exercises to help relax the muscles around the vagina, and the mind.

  • Learning about vaginismus and understanding that it's a treatable condition, which relates to the body and mind connection, can help ease anxiety. Therapy sessions will also address any emotional factors contributing to the condition.
  • Since vaginismus relates to the tightness of the pelvic floor muscles, it’s important to visit a pelvic health physiotherapist to help you learn how to relax and control your pelvic floor muscles
  • Vaginal dilators/ trainers are smooth, tube-shaped devices that gradually increase in size. Starting with smaller dilators and gradually working up to larger sizes helps the vagina get used to penetration and helps the mind get desensitized to the whole process. 
  • Techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, or progressive muscle relaxation can help reduce muscle tension and anxiety associated with vaginal penetration.
  • Working with a sex therapist or Vaginismus coach can help address any relationship issues, communication problems, or negative beliefs about sex that can be contributing to vaginismus.



It's important to work closely with a healthcare provider like a therapist or a gynecologist to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs and circumstances, because vaginismus is a subjective condition, which means it affects each person differently. 

Patience, persistence, and open communication with your healthcare professional, are keys to successfully managing and healing from vaginismus.

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